Saturday, June 2, 2018

Farmers Market Saturday

We had some unseasonably hot weather in the last week of May (up in the 90s and humid), but we just got a reprieve from that for our first Saturday of June. I got up this morning and found it cloudy and cooler - low 60s - and perfect for a ride to the farmers market.

Every Saturday from late spring, through the summer, and into the fall there is a really nice farmers market in the Cuyahoga Valley - in the heart of the national park. Getting there on a bike just feels right. One can take the Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath for much of the way if they wish, though there isn't a direct connector from the path to the meadow where the market is held, so at least a short hop on the valley road is required - not that that's a problem. Bicycles are a common sight on the valley road, so drivers more or less know to expect us.

My Specialized Expedition touring bike seemed like the right bike for the errand. If I'd had more cash on hand and plans to really load up with goods today, I would have put a pair of panniers on the front rack, too. But I was really only after one thing today. I took this picture at one of the train depots by the Cuyahoga Valley Railway which runs through the park and right past the farmers market.
The market not only features many tents with some of the best locally grown produce, meat, cheeses, and baked goods, but there's always live music and often some crafts as well. There's usually vendors cooking up things to eat, too (breakfast burritos are a favorite).
I went to the farmers market mainly for one thing today. And it turned out that lots of other people had the same plan. This tent easily had the longest line in the whole meadow.
There's what I came for - and what all those others were waiting in line for: the first strawberries of the season. Small in size, deep in color, and the most flavorful strawberries you'll ever find. My handlebar bag (Acorn boxy bag) holds two quart boxes perfectly. It's like they designed it for this exact purpose.
While I was at the market, I also got some fantastic bread - though lots of other items were looking very tempting. Then I made my way home. The roads and trail through much of the valley are currently in bloom with little tiny white flowers that give off a powerfully sweet smell. I've only recently come to learn that they are Mock Orange shrubs - and they are all over the valley. That really capped off a nice morning ride.

That's all for now - happy summer, folks.

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