Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Summer Begins With A Bike Ride

School is out and I've officially been done with work for a week now. But Summer begins with a bike ride - or at least it doesn't feel like Summer until I get out on a weekday for a ride with the Retrokids.

We were able to get out on Friday for a ride on the Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath through the Cuyahoga Valley National Park - it was a gorgeous day with clear skies, and warm without being too hot. We've had a lot of rain this Spring, so everything is lush and green.
Exploring one of the old canal locks.

The Retrokids rode their new bikes - they've been enjoying them for about a month now, mostly for rides around town, such as little errands to the grocery store or the library. This was their first time using them for a longer ride. They love 'em.

There are the bikes - all '80s vintage, renovated with new paint and updated parts. The celeste bike there has some canvas panniers that hadn't arrived yet when I posted pictures of the finished project last month. The brand is "Tourbon" and they come from an eBay seller in China. They look expensive, but are only about $75 a pair. 

They still love to climb around on the old canal locks, and look for frogs or turtles.

Friday was also the opening day for Szalay's - the awesome little farm market in the middle of the CVNP. It's a great rest stop or destination for a ride in the valley. There are always good snacks - whether fresh fruit, or cookies, and on the weekends (Friday - Sunday) you can get grilled hotdogs and burgers, and ice cream. We made the market our half-way point destination and had some ice cream before heading back.

The Retrokids are growing up fast, but riding our bikes is still something that brings us together, even as they start discovering other interests - and eventually (shudder) boys. Thankfully we're not quite there yet, but it's only a matter of time. I really have to make the most of days like these while I still have them.

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