Monday, March 27, 2017


All unpacked and unwrapped.

The frame is a 1979 Mercian 753 Special, completely refurbished by Mercian. I took the time to install a bottom bracket, headset and fork, and a seat post before snapping a few more pictures.

The color is Emerald Green Flamboyant, with Ruby Red Flamboyant contrasts. The original color was the same Emerald Green, but the contrasts were originally gold.

The lugs have long points with little arrowhead "window" cutouts in them. The windows were filled with the same Ruby Red contrasts, and outlined in gold.

Another look at the little cutout windows - this time in the head lugs.

I love a nice flat-topped fork crown. This one's got some nice little details on the shoulders.

I'm almost certain that 1979 was the first year that Mercian offered a 753 frame. I don't know how many they may have built before this one. I've thought about having Jane at Mercian track that information down, but I've seen the records there -- they aren't computerized, and it would be a hassle to have her dig through them just to satisfy my curiosity. 

To finish putting it all together, I have a full Campagnolo Super Record group from about 1980 - '81 to hang on there, along with a Cinelli bar/stem combo. And of course, the fantastic set of tubular wheels I recently built.

More to come . . .


  1. Repainted? I don't even are scratches on the dropouts.

  2. That is pretty. I'll look forward to seeing it built up with all the nice period bits.

    I have to say that greens of various sorts are among my favorite vehicle colors and this emerald green is very nice indeed.

  3. Much retrogrouch respect.

  4. 753, Super Record, Cinelli bars & stem, it doesn't get much better !