Thursday, March 7, 2019

Red Dots Cycling Caps

If you're like me (and if you're reading this you probably are, at least a little) then you probably appreciate the classic look of a traditional cycling cap. Vintage caps with team logos, or favorite component brands, or tires, or what-have-you, are kind of a "must have" accessory in any retrogrouch's cycling kit. I'll sometimes wear one under my helmet on a cool morning - or keep one rolled up in a jersey pocket to hide "helmet hair" when I'm stopped for a snack.

Unfortunately, being rather "large of head" I sometimes find it difficult to find caps that fit me well. Often, the vintage classics are too small. There are some options, however. I'm guessing a lot of Retrogrouch readers are familiar with Walz caps, which offer some classic-looking caps and custom-made options, and in two size ranges. The Walz caps are well made - and made in America if that's important to you - and have developed a bit of a following.

Not too long ago, I found another source for great-looking high-quality caps - this one from Canada: Red Dots Cycling. You can find them on Etsy. Like Walz, the caps are hand made and come in a variety of classic-looking styles and in two size ranges. The prices are pretty comparable to Walz as well.

The style of Red Dots caps is traditional and classy. Some of the combinations are somewhat muted, while others have a bit of whimsy.

Here's one that I have - the wine red with white/light blue stripe is subtle. Wear it away from the bike and it says "I'm a cyclist - but I'm not trying to be obnoxious about it."

It's not unusual for the Red Dots caps to have a tame or "muted" color on the outside, but with a shocking surprise "pop" when you flip the visor up.

They also have some thicker wool caps with earflaps for cold weather.
Look through their site on Etsy and you can find some cool designs in stock to suit a range of tastes - or you can choose a "custom" option to pick your own colors (that costs extra, if that needs mentioning). Most of the caps are made with a cotton or linen fabric that is fairly light and feels nice to the touch and is breathable. There's a stiffener in the brim, and there's often (but not always) a contrasting color on the flip side. The quality is good, and in my experience they seem to fit well. I get the larger size and it's comfortable.

I've got several Red Dots caps and really like them - I'd say they're worth checking out.


  1. As also a large-head-haver, I know this pain. Red Dots is great.

    If you are looking for other options with big head sizing, also very good are:

    -Randi Jo Fab (the best cycling caps I've tried, unstructured. Lightweight linen ones are great for summer, wool with merino earflaps great for cooler weather)
    -Fifocycle (really cool patterns, structured/padded)

  2. I remember that when I had a collection of caps, I could wear almost none of them because I, too, have a big head. I might check out the Red Dots.

  3. Good looking caps. Just ordered mine. Thanks for the recommendation.

    1. your comment prompted me to go back and look at the site again and I saw that the wool cap I pictured here in the article was marked down on sale - so I just ordered one myself. Winter's closing down, but it'll be something to set aside for next winter.