Monday, July 12, 2021

Remember 7/11

I've long been a fan of the comic strip "Frazz," by Jef Mallett. Mallett is an avid cyclist (and very competitive triathlete, if I recall correctly) and he frequently works bicycling into his comic strip. The main character of the comic, Frazz, is the custodian at an elementary school, who happens to be a fount of knowledge, wisdom, and experience - and like the strip's creator, is also an avid cyclist.

Mallett's comic strip often incorporates bicycle-related content (and it's notable that Mallett is one of the few comic strip artists who can actually draw a bicycle accurately). I had the pleasure to meet him once and get him to sign a copy of a book that he had illustrated, Tales from the Bike Shop by Maynard Hershon.

So, I was thrilled to see his comic strip for Sunday, July 11, and had to share it here:

That's right - Mallett cleverly makes the case that July 11th - or "7/11" should be a day to honor the 7-Eleven bicycle racing team.

Two fun things to note in the strip:

One: The depiction of Andy Hampsten riding the Gavia Pass in the 1988 Giro d'Italia - in which he became the only American to ever win that race.

Two: Frazz is wearing the iconic red/green/white 7-Eleven team jersey in the final panel of the strip.

I just need to applaud Mallett - and agree with Frazz. July 11th - or "7/11" should indeed be the day we cyclists honor the greatest American racing team. 

Bravo, Frazz!


  1. I was not familiar with Jef Mallet and his Frazz comic strip, very good. 7-Eleven was an inspiration to me when I was trying to race back in the 80's, and their legend continues to inspire. Coincidentally I happen to currently be building up a Merckx 7-Eleven style frame from 1989, the last version of bike they rode I believe. Yes, Hampsten's Giro win was absolutely epic - long live 7-Eleven!

  2. 7/11: I love it. Of course, if you live in most of the rest of the world, the 7th of November would be the day.

    Thanks for showing us the Frazz comic strip: I will check out more of them.

  3. Of course, we're just coming up to European 'π' day, 22/7 next week!

  4. The cover of Herson’s electronic version of his book is illustrated by his wife and is simply a pair of well worn 7-11 gloves. Coincidence?