Thursday, January 5, 2017

New Hour Record

The cycling world has a new Hour Record champion to celebrate. No, Bradley Wiggins's record of 54.526 km is still standing (that's 33.88 mph for us Amuricans). But on Jan. 4, a diminutive 105-yr. old Frenchman, Robert Marchand, set a new world record of 22.547 km/hr (about 14 mph) for his age category. If I understand correctly, the 105+ age category had to be created just for Marchand.

Marchand rode 92 laps at the Velodrome National near Paris and was surrounded by a large cheering crowd at the end of the hour ride.

A crowd surrounds Marchand at the finish.
According to reports, Marchand believes he could have done even better. He told the AP "I did not see the sign warning me I had 10 minutes left, otherwise I would have gone faster. I would have posted a better time." I don't know how many other people are out there capable of riding 14 miles in an hour at over 100 years of age, so who knows how long Marchand's record might stand.

Marchand is a former fireman who didn't really get active with cycling until he was 68 and retired. But since then, he has completed a number of impressive cycling feats. In 1992, at age 81, he rode from Paris to Moscow. And he previously held the hour record of 26.927 km for someone over age 100, and the record for the fastest 100 km for a man over age 100.

Just imagine all the things this man must have seen and experienced since his birth in 1911. And to think that he's up and riding nearly every day. That's something worth celebrating, and a great way to begin a new year.


  1. WOW! Talk about being in shape!

    BTW, it's interesting how he rides in a not-aero position. He is quite upright when compared against younger riders, and still managed to ride hard non-stop for an hour.

    I'll need to look for a better excuse for not being riding right now.

    1. Well, at over 100 years old you are not very flexible i guess.

      Still i would like to be in his shape at his age. Hell, i would like to just live that long. Impressive.

      And to have seen a few interviews of him, he seems like a likable chap, with a nice sense of humor.

  2. I'd guess that a majority of people half his age couldn't easily knock out 14 miles in an hour. Good for him!


    1. There are people not even one quarter of his age who could or would do that! Well done!

  3. Performance follows comfort, not the other way around. Besides aero advantages don't functionally kick in until the mid 20's mph anyway. Don't let the slammed stem crowd try to influence facts. =:D

    Great story, thanks for sharing!

  4. I'm pretty sure if he'd have ridden harder his time still would have been 1 hour but "chapeau!" anyway.

  5. My long term goal is to beat 105+ record :)