Tuesday, June 22, 2021

The Tour is Coming

It's almost time for the Tour de France. 

Okay, if I'm being honest, I will probably miss most of it. But I just saw a fun promotional ad for the upcoming Tour coverage from TV2, a subscription TV station based in Denmark.

The ad pokes some lighthearted fun at we men of a certain age -- an age that I have to admit now includes myself (and probably a lot of others who read this blog) -- squeezing into lycra and trying to recapture their youth. I think the relevant term here is "MAMIL" or "Middle Aged Men In Lycra."

Though the men could perhaps be described as "vintage," most of the bikes are not, with a notable exception where I could distinctly see some downtube shifters.

Note this very dramatic - and dusty - reveal:

Seriously - I can smell the dust.

Not much else to say here - except enjoy the video!


  1. Thanks for helping us all to laugh at who we've become!

  2. Was that a much older Gert Jan Theunisse in the polka dot jersey at the end/ Haha.