Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Get Well Soon, Jan

Some regular readers may have already heard the news, but if not, I just wanted to take a moment to say Get Well Soon to fellow cyclist and blogger, Jan Heine of Bicycle Quarterly, Compass Bicycles, and the blog Off the Beaten Path.

Jan was injured in a crash with a car while on a trip in Southeast Asia. His injuries were not "life-changing" as he put it, but he did suffer a broken arm, shoulder, some vertebrae, and few ribs. One can find out more information on Jan's blog (HERE).

I'm a regular reader of Bicycle Quarterly, as well as Off the Beaten Path and find them to be a great resource and excellent reading. His Compass Bicycles is a good source for tires, components, and accessories for touring and randonneuring cyclists.

In the magazine and the blog, Jan frequently writes about his travels, and has been to many enviable destinations with his bike. I have to say I always enjoy reading about those travels, as well as his extended bike test rides.

I've heard updates that he's on the mend - but just wanted to wish him the best as he convalesces. Hope you're back on your bike soon, Jan.

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