Tuesday, July 5, 2016

There's a Big Bicycle Race Going On in France

Did you know there's a big bicycle race going on over in France right now?

Did we mention it's French?
Yep -- It was a big deal once, and they apparently still do it. Who knew?

Last I heard, this guy was winning:

Did he just win the yellow jersey? Or prom queen?
Or maybe it was THIS guy?

Thaaat's right - it was "Mr. McFeely."

Watch out for those hands, ladies.
Though if you're at all familiar with the Big French Bicycle Race In France, you know that sprinters and crashes rule the first week, and the lead will change when the race hits the mountains. Once that happens, the race leader will probably be THIS guy:

Stefano Varjas, the Dr. Michele Ferrari of mechanical doping.
But if I happen to be watching (and there's no guarantee I will) I'll be looking for THIS guy:

It's entirely possible he might be doping, too, but who cares?


  1. You've nailed it with your "pro cycling is dead" post. Nothing valuable to add to the conversation, tbh. Cycling is, maybe, the most beautiful leisure activity and yet it's covered in dirt more than football, more than boxing. Pro cycling for me descended to the level of politics — something you avoid not to contaminate brittle mind. I value my mind health (pretty much broken beyond repair already).

  2. Thanks for reminding everyone about Peter "he's just a wild and crazy guy!" Sagan. It still baffles me that he gets the pass from the media that he does for that, especially with the move to be more inclusive towards women on the press side of things.