Monday, March 10, 2014

Disc Brake Recall

Most people reading a blog called The Retrogrouch probably aren't riding bikes with disc brakes. But in case I'm wrong, or if the readers out there have friends with disc brake-equipped bikes, I want to point out that there has been another big disc brake recall.

The CPSC has published a recall notice for TRP Spyre and Spyre SLC mechanical disc brake calipers sold last year. Some of the brakes were original equipment on bikes from a range of brands, including Giant, Kona, Marin, QBP brands (like Surly and Salsa), Raleigh, Volagi, and others. Some were also sold as aftermarket brakes.

According to TRP, "The Spyre caliper uses a dual piston design in which ball bearings move within opposing ramps. We have discovered that in a specific scenario, the balls can be forced from the ramps if the actuator arm is fully activated to its stop with excessively worn or no pads installed. The effect is that one or more of the balls can jump from its position within its respective ramp, resulting in a reduction or loss of braking force."

The CPSC notice says, "The brake cable actuator arm can over-rotate, dislocating parts, causing the brake calipers to fail."

If you, or someone you ride with, has these brakes, contact (or have them contact) their dealer for information on what to do and get their replacement products. Or they can contact Tektro/TRP directly at (877) 807-4162, or via email:, or from the websites or If you're a really good friend, maybe let them borrow a retro-grouchy bike so they can ride until their problem gets solved.

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