Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Can You Find The Bike Hidden In This Photo?

We had a major blizzard hit us in Northeast Ohio last night, which meant school closings all over the area today. Since yesterday was Presidents Day, that means our 3-day weekend got extended to a 4-day weekend.

There's nothing better than a snow day. I know. . . I'm a teacher. No kidding -- teachers look forward to snow days as much as the kids do. Maybe more. A snow day is the ultimate free day. It's almost like stealing, yet it's totally legitimate. It's an extra day when the project is due. A reprieve from that test you're dreading. A governor's pardon from detention. For teachers, it's all that, plus still getting paid.

For me, it meant a day spent with my girls - sledding down the big hill in town, playing with the dog in the snow, making a snow fort, warming up with hot chocolate (and marshmallows), visiting the library, and having dinner at Chipotle.

Not much of a post today - but a snow day means limited blogging time, too.

Till next time - enjoy the weather.


  1. I don't own a car, so no, i don't enjoy snow days that much...but snow days are rare in Belgium nowadays...

  2. Enjoy your snow day! I grew up in NE Ohio (Northfield) and now live in south Florida. I miss the seasons, and yes, sometimes the snow, but I love being able to cycle 12 months out of the year. When I used to return to Ohio to visit my mom I sometimes went during the winter months, and actually enjoyed shoveling her driveway and sidewalk. I haven't shoveled snow in years, and haven't ridden a bike in snow since I was a kid, probably 1974 or so. And I have no plans to do so either!

  3. Good for you, a day well spent. We homeschool, and look forward to snow days too!

  4. Our recent blizzard did not result in any snow days, as it struck over the weekend.

    Students and teachers alike were disappointed.