Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Snow Day

I've lost count of how many snow days we've had this year. The school where I work, and all the schools in NE Ohio have been closed so many days for weather this year, it's ridiculous. I can't remember missing so many days -- and we still have a lot of winter left. The jury's still out (well, the state legislature, anyhow) about if, when, and/or how we're going to make up for all the lost days.

The weather being what it's been -- frigid single-digit temperatures (often negative!), and more snow than I've seen in years -- also means I haven't been on my bike for over a month. My bike-to-work average is suffering. Supposedly, it's going to warm up very soon. What a mess all this snow will make when that happens. But I'm making sure my bike is ready to go when the time comes.

The photo is from my back yard. The bike is an old Western Flyer, which was a brand sold through Western Auto Parts stores. Somebody brought it to my house years ago after buying it for a couple of dollars at a yard sale. I parked it next to the picket fence, and it hasn't been moved in perhaps nine years. I photograph it from time to time, capturing it in different seasons, and documenting its gradual decline. I call it the "entropy project," and I guess one could call it art.

Just a short post today -- the kids and I are going sledding. What else is there to do?

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