Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Santini L'Eroica Collection

This past weekend was the annual L'Eroica ride -- the original L'Eroica -- in Gaiole, Italy. I'm guessing there aren't too many people reading this (if any) who were fortunate enough to be able to take off for a grueling yet gorgeous ride over the white roads of the Chianti region, and sample the great wine and cuisine that go with the event. But even if we couldn't make the journey, it's possible for us to dress like it. Santini clothing has issued a line of classic-styled cycling wear inspired by the color and character of L'Eroica.

Just a sample of some of the vintage-inspired designs. There are more long-sleeve options, some shorts, socks, and even things like warm-up suits.

Recalling some of the style of golden-age riding gear, combining tasteful, earthy colors, and many including fully embroidered details, the L'Eroica collection would be a great for retrogrouchy riders looking for something distinctive. Some of the clothes would probably look as good off the bike as on it. There are wool jerseys, cotton polos and t-shirts, and even a few riding items in modern poly microfiber and lycra that still keep the vintage color and style.
Color combinations, like this wine red and terra cotta orange, are supposed to recall the wine and the colors of the farmhouses in Chianti. Price is listed as 130, which would be about $145. It's all wool with embroidery front and back. There's a modern polyester version that duplicates these colors and graphics that sells for 70 €.
I can't help but think the wool pullover sweaters like this one would be great on or off the bike. 150 € (roughly $170).
It's worth checking out the full collection. Items can be ordered direct from Santini through their website: Santinisms.it.

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