Monday, October 5, 2015

Standards Schmandards: Roost Carbon

I've ranted lots since starting The Retrogrouch Blog about the lack of standards in the bike industry - or how new so-called standards are constantly being introduced. Well, it seems someone out there, calling themselves Ridiculous Bikes, has created a fun statement on the industry's disregard for standards in video form.

Introducing the Roost Carbon mountain bike - which takes a lack of standards to its ridiculous result.

Some of the bike's features include:

. . . ultra-wide 188 mm rear dropout spacing
. . . 28 inch wheels (to get the best of 27.5 and 29er - without having to choose!)
. . . an 11 - 53 tooth 13-speed cassette
. . . and an extra long 1500 mm wheelbase, for a riding position the company describes as "prone geometry." 

Very telling quotes from the bike's creators:

"188 mm dropout and huge BB spacing are not patented" and "free for use by all drunkards."

"Full geometry will not be released due to the waste of time from measuring."

The creators also explain that the bike and the video were computer-generated by "Grabcad's J. Deschamps," and "heavily modified, setup, textured and remodeled by Patrick Ng." Nice work, guys.

Though the video was originally released on Vimeo (which I can't seem to embed here), I did find another copy on YouTube from Extreme Sports that you can watch right here:

The one main disclaimer the video's creators include says, "This full 3D video was not meant to diss anyone or discourage change in the MTB industry, there are no affiliations to Club Roost products and the video was created for fun in one afternoon after an awesome trail ride! Cheers."

Hell - they may not have wanted to criticize the industry, but there's plenty of ridiculousness out there to serve as fodder for more satire. I say own it - and bring on more.

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