Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Retrogrouch and the Roadie

Sometimes a picture just says all that needs to be said.

I'll just leave it at that today.

If you live somewhere that isn't suffering single-digit temperatures (or negative temps like we are here in NE Ohio), I hope you can get out for a ride.


  1. The Retrogrouch is sporting a Bell Biker helmet -- now THAT'S old school! :) Someone ought to come up with a lightweight, modern helmet styled like a Bell Biker -- woo hoo!

  2. I agree -- similar shape/styling, slightly larger vents, and modern construction - would get the weight down, improve the ventilation, but just be a simple, decent-looking helmet that doesn't look like it's trying to go fast standing still. Are you guys at Giro or Bell reading?

  3. Those two depictions could be me. The lefthand me is circa 1978 when I started racing. The righthand me is the present. I much prefer the present me with a helmet that weighs half of what my old Bell Biker did and a bike that weighs 25% less, handles better, has more than twice as many gear ratios that shift better and more safely/convenietly, has pedals that are easier to enter and release and have never released inadvertantly.

    Plus frame material (carbon fiber) that for me has been far more reliable. Anectdote: I had the following steel frames fail over a cumulative ~60,000 miles of riding: Basso Gap, Peugeot PX10LE, Peugeot SLX, Merckx Corsa, Mondia,and Merckx Corsa. Since the early nineties I've had three carbon bikes, a Trek 2300, a Trek 5200, and a 5-WORK5 Tarmac, that I've riden a total of ~35,000 miles with no failure.

    IMHO opinion the new stuff is way better.

    In fairness to steel I still own a Merckx Corsa that was a warranty replacement for the second Merckx that broke and I've riden it maybe 20,000 miles.


  4. Retrogrouch, Are you a blood relation of Yehuda Moon or an alias incarnation??

    1. As far as I know we are not related. With the right clothing, I could possibly do a fair impression.

  5. Now, if you really wanted to be retro, you'd wear a "leather hairnet"--and, of course, nail-on cleats.

    The latter, I could understand. But not the leather hairnet. It's one of the few old-school things I would never use. For that matter, I wouldn't bother with a Skid-Lid. It looked like a leather hairnet rendered in plastic, with its crown cut off.

  6. It's me on the left.
    I still wear my Bell helmet when riding. It is the only helmet I own.
    And, the clothing is wool.

  7. I had a great ride today: though it was 10 degrees, it was the wind, and cycling canted 15 degrees that was the real trick. Luckily, it was on a steel bike.

  8. You can get steel frames today that are way better than anything mass produced back in the day, and they're still cheaper than a factory-made carbon frame, being hand-crafted with everyone involved making a good living.

  9. Says the Rivendell/Grant Petersen fanboy...

  10. Funny - to me they're both roadies. I switch between the two looks depending on the purpose of my ride and the bike I choose to ride.